2018-19 EU sugar imports totaled 2,162,702 ttq by the end of August 2019: up 44% from the same period a year ago.

This substantial increase is largely due to increased shipments from Ngwane (+177 kt), Brazil (+94 kt), Mozambique (+94 kt), Lao (+80 kt) and Serbia (+61 kt). 


Meanwhile, a detailed look at import destinations this season reveals :

  • a significant increase in shipments to Romania (+147 kt), Italy (+82 kt), Croatia (+77 kt) and Poland (+52 kt) when compared to a year ago,
  • that the UK accounts for 1/5 of total EU sugar imports followed by Italy and Portugal.

EU sugar imports - destination market shares


While the proportion of "raws for refining" remained stable accounting for 48% of the total volume imported (against 45% a year ago), imports under the IPR regime surged to 397 kt : a 49% increase when compared to a year ago.

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