About APIC

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Singapore, APIC Consulting is an independent advisory firm which specifically follow and investigate sugar and ethanol market developments while offering technical, economic and organizational assistance to sugar-and-ethanol business projects.

Our objective is clear:

  • To maximize added-value for our clients,
  • To build and maintain long-term relationship and trust with all our clients.

Our expert team is exclusively composed of committed and reliable people with strong agricultural, economic and engineering background as well as a true interest and passion for sugar and ethanol sectors.

Founder : Alexis Patry

Alexis is an Agro-Economist with a renowned and long-standing experience in the sugar and ethanol industry. Alexis was previously Director of International Affairs for the “National French Sugarbeet Growers’ Organization”. He was in charge of sugar & ethanol market analysis and was involved in various lobbying activities at both European and French levels.

Alexis was also the Executive Secretary of the “World Association of Beet and Cane Growers”. He was responsible for the promotion and development of this organization by working closely with international organizations (such as the International Sugar Organization, the OECD and FAO) and national growers institutions from all over the world. He was involved in the organization of many Sugar & Ethanol events which catered very high profiles from the industry.

Those gathered experiences have helped him to become an all-rounder expert of the Sugar and Ethanol industry.

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